09.12.2012 meeting minutes
A lot of people didn’t have a lot to say because the semester is over. Those people are Brook, Dyer, Curtis, and Jared.

Nick-If you have a flash drive that you are willing to give up for the winter, put 30-40 minutes of music on it and bring it to Luke or Matt. It’ll be used for the dining halls! You also will probably do some voice work with those two so it has a live feel to it.

Alea-Once we figure out the twitter password out, I’ll be using the account from last year to…post things. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just make a new one! Also, I forgot to say this at the meeting but for the break I will not be able to get any tickets for the Chameleon. I’m sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but once school is back in session, I’ll be able to!

Tyler-Sorry about the website, but we’re getting a new one over Christmas break!

Howe-We’re going to get SWAGGED OUT next semester with some bumper stickers and also pins!

Cody-Allocations is happening, we’re getting a new advisor, and also everyone clapped for Roger because he’s the only graduating senior.

Luke-He talked about flash drives too. He’s going to have different office hours because it’s finals week and he’ll actually be here pretty much all of break. For the flash drive, make sure you stick with stuff you usually play.

Pauler-Tell people to join next semester!

Witzel-He’s going to have regular hours for finals week. Please rotate your commercials! Especially the underwriters!

Doc!- He needs people to make videos for their majors.

Bri-We have a finals week grid!
Graduating seniors (Roger) have first dibs until midnight, then everyone gets it before noon but you can only pick one time slot, and then after noon tomorrow you can sign up for as many as you want!
Codes of conduct and time slot forms were handed out. THESE NEED TO BE FILLED OUT AND HANDED IN BY NOON THIS FRIDAY (DECEMBER 14)
There will be posters in the station next semester with Dos and Do Not lists.

Shannon- There’s the Schreiber (spelling? I’m not good at this game) Volleyball game on February 23, 2013! Witzel will be DJing til 4:30 and then somebody else can take over. We also usually have a team, so PLEASE sign up if you’re interested!
Marauder Ball is MARCH 8. We need tons and TONS of help with this (set up and tear down) so please take off work or whatever so you can help out! This is a semi-formal dance that Witzel will be DJing.
Next semester we will have a probation period. Basically, we (council) we listen intently to new DJs’ shows, people that have strikes, or whatever and then give them feedback. There will be a high way clean up sometime in February (weather depending!) It will be a “first come, first serve” mentality with sign-ups. So, get there quick before all of the spots are taken!

We nominated people for Miss Millersville: Miss Shannon Sisson and Miss Amanda McFadden! They’re going to have a street fight to decide who does it. No bets will be taken.
Secret Amigo will be next semester because time slots are changing!
We then did awards and White Elephant!
Annnnnnnnnd the award for total grossest gift goes to the shoes with condiments on them. Like, what?


Alea Walker
WIXQ Secretary