02.24.2013 meeting minutes
Hey DJs! I know that these are always a lot, but it's important stuff so please just read through it.

Anyway, here are the meeting minutes from last night:

Witzel-If you know of any upcoming events, we can publicize them on the station.
If you still did not make your promo, please pleaSE PLEASE see Matt or Luke to get that taken care of.
Luke won't be at his office hours on Tuesday, but he'll be in the studio from 9-11 tonight. You can work on playlists or a promo.
We need a ton more playlists, you don't even have to talk. Just bring in a flash drive with 35 minutes of music on it and everything will be taken care of.

Nick has changed the "Top Ten" to "Top Tracks" because it's good music and it's important to play. Thank you for playing it! It's really super great that you do that.

We are now on Twitter AND Instagram. Our Twitter account is @WIXQ_917 and Instagram is just WIXQ. Please follow and interact!

Tyler is making us a Wikipedia page! And also an App for iPhones and Androids!
We will let you know when all of those things will be properly launched. Because it's kind of a big deal.
Tyler and Howe also just had a Boy Scout troop come in. The made a new cart!

Cody-Elections are soon. Come talk to people on council about jobs! We are all more than happy to let you know everything about what we do.

Keep hanging out in the lounge during lunchtime. It's nice to have people around and have happy fun times. :]


Howe- We will be 'swimming in Satanism' in a few weeks when 666 WIXQ buttons come in!
We are also ordering bumper stickers soon but we want a totally rad design, so if you're artistic at all design something up for us and send it to Howe! Maybe it'll become a bumper sticker!

Paula- It's trainee season! If you have a trainee, good job and keep it up! Sorry that there isn't a checklist right now (because someone took it????) , but there will be one soon and it will be SECURELY TAPED DOWN. If you don't have a trainee, there is still a chance that you will get one,
Relay 4 Lyfe (Relay for Life) is a thing that is happening on April 5th. You need to sign up and donate! It's a really fun event where people hang out for a night and walk and just have fun. Our goal last year was 500 dollars and this year its 1,000. WE CAN DO IT. There will be posts on the Facebook for the link.

Bri-Sundays are days again in The Snapper! That means they finally have our entire program grid in their pages.
Sicil (?) A campus wise organization wants us to be involved with Welcome Week. Welcome Week is next semester and lasts about 30 days. We'll run commercials for is and possibly DJ some events.

Shannon- We did really well at the Schreiber Pediatric Volleyball Bash on Saturday.
Sunday was highway cleanup-we picked up a lot of trash and it was highly organized. HOT DOG HOT DOG AND HOODSIES.
Please run for positions! Elections will probably be in March, so please talk to council members for more help.
Check all of your songs before you go on air. Google the lyrics and listen to them. You can apologize a thousand times, but if you play a bunch of songs that curse it doesn't matter we can get fined and you can get into trouble. It's not worth it, so PLEASE check your songs.
We will hopefully be a part of orientation when that happens again. We'll be able to plug WIXQ to the newbie's.
We will be getting a new, beautiful bulletin board in front of the station.
Shannon and Woodall will be speaking to the athletics department about DJing events.
If you cannot attend a meeting, please provide why you will not be able to go. You can't just e-mail Bri or Shannon saying "I can't". It's in the constitution.

Marauder Ball is MARCH 8.
Tickets went on sale today and will be on sale from now and even at the door! They are only 2 dollars apiece. Only 2 tickets per I.D. though, so make sure you have that handy.
We want to put posters ALL OVER CAMPUS.
We're also working with Music For Everyone-1 dollar goes to them and 1 dollar goes to us. It's a local charity that helps kids and music.
Peer Health Educators will also be outside of the MPR with a table to promote a safe spring break.
Miss Millersville is MARCH 6
Shannon is in it so please come support her! It's 3 dollars per person.
Station Manager & Program Director sign ups will be posted this Thursfay at 10 o'clock. The interviews will be on March 14th.
We are playing in The Anchor and The Galley. Just be aware that you're being broadcast to the concentrated masses and that you need to be careful, especially because it's trainee season.
Shannon, Bri, Paula, Jordan Unroe, and myself are all selling hoagies as a fundraiser. Please see any of us if you are interested in buying one. They are 5 dollars each, we need the orders by March 1st, will be delivered on March 8th .


Thanks everyone and I'll see you around!
Alea Walker
WIXQ Secretary